do you ever start your period and think

"well that explains a lot"

every time. 

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Do not fuck this one up relationship thoughts (via wanna-be-lesbian)

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my mom and i were grocery shopping and i asked her what she needed and she pointed to a hot man and was like “that” and his wife heard us and burst out laughing

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how did steve and nat walk around that mall with just a hoodie and not get recognized i mean if i was in that mall i would have been like “do you smell that? i smell freedom. i smell steve rogers”

[eagle screeches in the background]

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i think maybe teenagers are so unhappy because the naive expectations they developed over a carefree childhood are now being relentlessly crushed and they’re slowly realizing life isn’t going to be so easy and you can’t be an astronaut without a bunch of qualifications and they’re really sad about that and that’s why i think we should all be mean to babies more often and introduce the hunger games 


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My sister forgot how to say “turn up the volume” so she said “zoom in on the sound”

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*does 2 math problems* time for a well deserved 3 hour nap

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Things that unite Europe

  • European Union
  • Eurovision

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Today in a debate I told the entire class the friendzone doesn’t exist and three boys gasped like I told them their parents had died

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When my sister was in the Marines some little shit told her to make him a sandwich so she went to his boss and they used money from the asshole’s next paycheck to order subs for the entire squadron

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